can tackle projects and software engineering challenges of many sizes, life-stages, and scopes. We take a methodical approach to collaboration to ensure no opportunities for improvement are left behind.

Phase 1 – We immerse ourselves in your operating context by choosing a specific unfulfilled high-value problem or need. This problem is then distilled into the smallest unit of work that we can fulfill with your product development team.
Phase 2 – We work under your existing processes and stretch them out to test their limits. By finding these limits, we identify areas for decisive change.
Phase 3 – We identify the idealized version of your teams and processes with the stakeholders using the best combination of industry paradigms and practices. This allows us to pick the most impactful changes to existing processes for immediate execution.
Phase 4 – We act as a force-multiplier by helping you recruit, and build up the individuals within their team roles; whether they be development, product, test, or management.
Phase 5 – You allow the new processes and teams to function as designed. Together, we continue observing, and course-correcting at the appropriate level, when necessary, until your final product is delivered.