GHLiveBLE is an app that lets you play rhythm games (like Clone Hero) with the Guitar Hero Live iOS Bluetooth controller on your MacOS and Windows 10 computers.

The official Guitar Hero Live iOS app was pulled from the App Store in June 2018, leaving no way to play other games with this Bluetooth controller. We reverse engineered the protocol for this controller and built an app so you can keep using it without being tied down to a defunct game.

The GHLiveBLE app acts as a bridge between the controller and your computer, registering all controller buttons as keypresses or gamepad keys. All you need to do is map these keys to your rhythm game and pair with the controller to start playing!

How it works


Win10 install screen Win10 app MacOS app

System requirements


Mapped Buttons


Controller buttons are mapped as keyboard keys.

Guitar 1

Guitar 2

Guitar 3

Guitar 4

Running the MacOS app needs to be given the Accessibility permission inside of System Preferences to allow it to register keypresses on your computer while using the Bluetooth controller.

MacOS security settings

Windows 10

Controller buttons are mapped as virtual gamepad buttons.

Be sure to map these gamepad keys within Clone Hero or other game (instead of keyboard keys).