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Last time, we configured our Raspberry Pi setup to be faster and more usable across a range of network and workload conditions. To conclude, we shall look at lightweight app replacements to use on Raspbian.

We already know the Raspberry Pi Zero is a relatively low-spec machine, so maximizing its resource usage is paramount to remaining productive when using it as a desktop OS.

Terminal Slack client

Many companies use Slack, but the official Linux Slack client is memory and CPU intensive due to the way it uses the Electron framework). If emojis, reactjis, and inline GIFs are not absolutely mandatory, slack-term can provide a viable alternative.

You will need to compile this app from source to run it on Raspbian. The default Raspbian apt-get package for golang is not the correct version needed to compile this from source. Install a later version, e.g. 1.10: run the script.

Set up golang and build the binary using the instructions from the slack-term readme file. Once built, it should be in ~/go/bin/:

  1. Move it to your /usr/bin by running sudo cp ~/go/bin /usr/bin
  2. Copy the .slack-term file into your $HOME directory (i.e. ~)
  3. Set the slack_token as per the slack-term readme file: this allows the program to send/receive messages on your behalf.
  4. Set the sidebar width (int as a percentage of terminal width, e.g. 2 for 20%)
  5. Run slack-term to begin.

Terminal image viewer

No X apps are required to display images if you use TerminalImageViewer. It needs to be built from source, instructions are within the repository. Once built, you can move it to your /usr/bin directory for system-wide use.

Web browser

sudo apt-get install firefox-esr
sudo apt-get install midori
sudo apt-get install dillo
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser

E-mail client

The `claws-mail`` client is a lightweight alternative to having a GMail tab open in your browser. To use it with GMail you will need to be able to ensure that authentication with your account is possible: GMail by default disallows authentication attempts from "less secure" apps; essentially locking out all apps other than ones by Google and its partners.

ClawsMail supports TLS auth, your credentials will be safe regardless, so to bypass this restriction, you need to enable "Access from less secure apps" yourself in your Google settings OR get your administrator to enable that for you if someone else is administrating your GMail account.

sudo apt-get install claws-mail

PDF viewer

Raspberry Pi Desktop (RPD) comes with a simple and efficient PDF viewer pre-installed, so nothing further is required to view PDFs.

Overall Benefits and Drawbacks

To draw a grand conclusion, we should decide for ourselves whether or not the advantages of using the Raspberry Pi Work Flow daily as an integral part of software development is worth the minimal costs:



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