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Cohesive.dev started the new 2020s decade with the launch of a small system utility that shows you how much time is left in the current year / month / day / etc.

Time is our most valuable resource

Distractions competing for our attention grow in number every day. We do best when seeing and feeling the importance of spending time doing things we need to / want to / and must do.

TimeLeft is one step forward to clearing time away from the noise and tedium of computer screen habits; refunding our attention for more meaningful tasks.


Download it now

Latest version v1.0.0 released on 2020-01-02.

TimeLeft Extended

TimeLeft Extended is the advanced version of this app that gives more options you to display custom times, recurring dates, change display settings, and set and send social media reminders.

Purchase TimeLeft Extended to gain more options to visualize time and support independent software from cohesive.dev!

Running the MacOS app

  1. Download the ZIP and extract the .app file within it.
  2. Drag the TimeLeft app file into your dock.
  3. You can choose to make it start up when you log into your computer by right clicking on the dock icon and selecting  "Options > Open at Login".
  4. Click the TimeLeft dock icon to start.
  5. You will need to allow the app to run via the Apple Menu (top left):
    "🍎 > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open TimeLeft"