Role: Administrator / Secretary


As an administrator / secretary, you will be responsible for general office and business management within You can choose to work from any location, but be able to meet on short notice with senior management and stakeholders based in our Manchester City Centre office.


  • Researching potential clients for the consultancy
  • Actively market the company's software products and consultancy services
  • Update website copy and review all marketing materials
  • Regularly monitor and respond to messages on social media accounts
  • Coordinate meetings and discussions between clients and staff via email and other channels
  • Review company accounts and expenses on a weekly basis
  • Send reminder and follow up messages to clients for due invoices
  • Arranging business travel accommodation
  • Review all consultancy contracts
  • Collate and office documents, especially service bills, invoice receipts, expense receipts and payroll documents
  • Manage Internet services for the business: renew domains, email services, and hosting services

This position is closed.